Summertime Sippin’ In New Orleans

We all know by now that living in NOLA during the Summer is HOT! So, I have decided to work on some refreshing hand- crafted cocktails that are perfect for beating the NOLA heat. All of these cocktails will use fresh berries or juices to enhance the hand- crafted cocktail experience. I will be featuring products from Sovereign Brands. Y’all, they produce the best products using high quality ingredients, and their bottles are so beautiful; true works of art on your bar.

First up McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin cocktails. McQueen has 21 botanicals; including six that are rarely found in gin. This gin is so clean that it will mix well with everything.


2 oz Mc Queen and Violet Fog Gin
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1⁄2 oz basil syrup
3 oz soda water
3 whole strawberries
In a rocks glass muddle the strawberries then add crushed ice, the rest of the ingredients, and stir. Garnish with a strawberry and basil leaf.


2 oz McQueen and Violet Fog Gin
6 large cubes of seedless watermelon
4 strawberries sliced
2 cups of crushed ice
1⁄2 fresh squeezed lemon juice
Mint for garnish
In a blender, place watermelon, pulse until crushed. While blending watermelon, place your rock glass in the freezer to chill. After blending, remove your chilled glass, muddle the strawberries then add ice, McQueen and Violet Fog Gin, watermelon puree, and lemon juice. Tumble using a shaker tin, and garnish with a mint leaf.


makes 2 drinks

5 oz McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin
1⁄2 bottle of Luc Belaire Rare Rose
2 oz St. Germain
2 oz strawberry puree
Blend all ingredients in a blender filled with ice. Pour into your favorite stemless champagne flute or your favorite insulated tumbler.

Moving on to another spirit made for summertime fun…RUM! And not just any rum, Bumbu Rum. Its “X” on the bottle marks the spot for a delicious libation straight from the islands. The delicious spice in the rum makes it perfect for a naew take on some classic cocktails.


2 oz Bumbu XO
1 oz simple syrup
1⁄2 fresh banana cut in slices
3 dashes of El Guapo Holiday Pie Bitters
Cinnamon stick for garnish
Muddle bananas in a rock glass. Add ice, Bumbu, simple syrup, bitters, and stir. Garnish with a cinnamon stick. (This is drink is so NOLA!)


2 oz Bumbu
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz coconut water
3 lime wedges
Soda water
Rock candy on a stick
In a Collins glass muddle lime and mint. Add ice, Bumbu, lime juice, pineapple juice, coconut water, and soda water. Stir, then garnish with a piece of rock candy on a stick, lime wedge and mint.

Finally, what is more French Quarter than Champagne and Cognac cocktails? The Villon cognac just released in Louisiana is so delicious and smooth that
it works so well with so many spirits.


(My French version of the Classic Lemon Drop.)

2 oz Villon
2 oz Limoncello (chill before using)
Sugar for rimming glass
In a shaker tin filled with ice combine both ingredients and shake vigorously. Take a chilled Martini glass and rim the edge with sugar and strain the shaker tin into the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


2 oz Villon
1⁄2 oz St. Germain
1⁄2 oz simple syrup Luc Belaire Brut
In a shaker tin filled with ice, shake the Villon, St Germain, and simple syrup. Strain into a Champagne flute, and finish with Le Belaire Brut. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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